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Here are new answers to grow your creativity. After writing, it is about singing, conceiving around or playing accessible music, in order to flourish. When we create, we understand each other by our truth’s research. This book allows you to be interested about creativity, giving you the way to become or stay creative. You can then become more ingenious than an engineer, as interested and philosophical as an artist, as Plato conceived it.

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Feeling with Sociability
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Article published on 3 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

It is undeniable that finance wants to ban us from creating a researchers’ society. This last is possible with industries and great works. With this society, one should produce, for then, to seek its truth and that of others, but also the scientific truth. For us to be all researchers, it is better to have an approach to become one.

Our mind catches everything that is repeated, concretely or abstractly. However, our minds used scientific thinking to learn speaking and walking. If we use Socratic dialogue, using Plato’s scientific reflection, we can transform our minds, to replace these repetitions with our writings and music. So we bind instead of knowing.

We have more and more tools for a Socratic dialogue. It is a question about creating from a starting point, namely the education of our parents and that of our friends, to seek the truth according to the questions whose neither schooling or our parents’ answer. The web and especially the current sites like, or better, the historical sites like, or, allow us to find, with our networks, writings to answer to our truth’s research. It’s about storing these writings with references, to compare them later. You will then create your library, whether electronic or paper. A superior hypothesis, ie a discovery about that is scientifically induced, will require this library’s revision.

Initially, children use only the oral dialogue. Oral dialogue filters a lot of information. On the other hand, filtering a lot of information makes it possible to determine our truth’s research in order to grow. It is not a question about waiting for your mind to be transformed, but about being into an active search process, in order to find better than that you are offered to, improving society. As computing changes research, ask yourself why there are so few researchers on 2017 whom find a new theory to better understand material and light.

Our sociability allows us to understand each other. It’s not just about the social but about our ability to grow through society. Our sociability determines our ability to organize material or society. We can understand our individuality and our creativity only through our sociability. That’s why we are above all social.
The Neanderthal created with few social buildings. So he did not grow easily. Our species’ intelligence is its constructive creativity. Only you find few films linking, showing cooperation between individuals. We do not see the process of personal comprehension with constructive creativity. Dissociation destroys our ability to bind to our limits. Thus, our creativity is less and less constructive. We then lose our creativity, whose makes our humanity.

Someone whom writes will be able to learn better from himself. His ego will be stronger thanks to this sociability. It will not be a question about referring to one’s individuality, but about finding that has allowed him to create it. It is not a matter of being, but of becoming, according to one’s past and through one’s environment, reasoning and defining with others.

Life is movement. Ask yourself why life was born from nothing to organize the universe. Only this organization can allow us to easily understand our imperfections. This allows us to organize this material’s imperfection.

Everything we do repeatedly works on our mind. If we act daily, to transform our minds with that we ask for, but also thanks to our sociability, we will be in an active process. We will be able to improve science and therefore life. We know that our science is now able to create new life’s forms. So our spirit must be in this life’s movement. Our mind is able to create more and more things, depending on its environment. We know more and more about the human’s limits.

Our mind’s plasticity is unmatched on 2016. This plasticity can be used in every possible ways. Only the science’s axioms can be used as a reference. These axioms are difficult to contradict. But it is especially to know the author’s approach of the axiom. This approach helps growing science. This last step perhaps determines a new science’s axiom.

The knowledge of different cultures will allow our society to improve better, because each culture determines a thinking’s way. Everyone will get their starting point. But this base will require to turn to other cultures. The best organized societies are the most amazing.

It’s about finding the best sociability of each culture. This is often related to ethics, allowing a better society. It is a matter of finding the dialectic, the morality and the science, whose allowed a society to grow. But it’s about finding what has surpassed your culture. Is it the language or a political will? These are surely both.

Our story is only to specify what the best thinkers meant. The best thinkers acted politically to use the best of their language, to clarify that was said, thanks to a superior hypothesis, allowing new axioms.
Sociology only makes it possible to find the departure’s bases, whose made it possible to create the culture whose grows societies. The societies that have gone down have gone out. They make it possible to understand the errors to avoid.

But it will be your parents’ education that will remain most deeply in your mind. It will be about understanding that you do the best, to surpass it with other cultures. It will also discuss about your family’s mistakes and your genealogy.


The Monadology of Leibniz
Economic stories of peoples in the books of Henry Charles Carey and Friedrich List.

My Notes

Write about that you do your best.
Write about anything that socially allowed you to think about it.
Take back these writings later.

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