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Here are new answers to grow your creativity. After writing, it is about singing, conceiving around or playing accessible music, in order to flourish. When we create, we understand each other by our truth’s research. This book allows you to be interested about creativity, giving you the way to become or stay creative. You can then become more ingenious than an engineer, as interested and philosophical as an artist, as Plato conceived it.

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I don’t Know Science
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Article published on 18 November 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

It’s important to learn that you don’t know. This determines your truth’s research. Knowing that you’re a born scientist galvanizes your desire to know science. Science is about understanding nature. Nature is infinite.

None can fully understand nature, therefore science, except God. The important thing is to know that is understood about nature. If you understand something around you, you start to understand science. It remains you to see whether that you understand is well written, whether that your thinking can be repeated every time. So we need to create experiments to see if our thought are true. Then our hypothesis may end up with a scientific author.

If no scientist has found that we have written, it is about, either what we have written about nature is false, or about for us to become a researcher, in order to find a new scientific writing, a new theory, that is to say, that makes it possible to understand nature.

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Write about your surrounding.

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