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Here are new answers to grow your creativity. After writing, it is about singing, conceiving around or playing accessible music, in order to flourish. When we create, we understand each other by our truth’s research. This book allows you to be interested about creativity, giving you the way to become or stay creative. You can then become more ingenious than an engineer, as interested and philosophical as an artist, as Plato conceived it.

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Listening and Telling
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Article published on 31 August 2018

Many children, so adults, love listening. This faculty to understand then becomes an intuition for them. But they must not be shut up with this listening. Listening can lead to a simple search for subjective causes.

The truth’s research is very difficult in our world. Yet our mind intuitively seeks to find the truth. Our society’ code, lacking of creativity, create in us misunderstandings. Our society’s truth is that the universe has a creative capacity, that the human possesses into himself a creative reason, if his society has allowed it. Our creative reason dissociates us from the animal. Our creative reason allows us not only to transform, but also to improve nature. If everyone knows that our economy is based on energy’s density, the creative faculty, allowing us to find more and more discoveries and inventions, asks us to consider co-development. Growth allows peace and travel in the universe.

Indeed our spirit is made to build. Only someone who can not or does not want to go forward, will want to destroy those around him, if he does not give him an answer to his truth’s research. Either we grow or we regress. Conservatism does not really exist and is a media invention, due to talking songs of the past.

So many of those who listen do not own this truth or a similar one. They can not therefore properly envisage a future. These people, who are most of the people, are imprisoned into searching for causes coming from their subjectivity. According to Planck, these people, as soon as there is a problem, will seek the culprit or the problem of their subconscious, without seeking a resolution’s beginning in their minds. They will not be interested about scientific causes. When they have to solve the problem, they will then ask for help. The problem and the solution will come from others. If they discover that the problem comes from them, they will be destabilized.

There are many interesting studies into french CNAM. A CNAM’s study called Written and Oral Communication, accessible to anyone, can enable you to switch from listening to communication. Then you can continue reading stories, theater, writing or creating your workshops. These studies allow to consider the scientific dialogue to leave subjectivity.

The scientific spirit

An alternative to our subjectivity is the scientific brainstorming called platonic brainstorming. With each new experience or find, they are checked. One or more hypotheses are emitted. If this experience or find emits for us a passion, that is to say, the desire to be working to seek an answer, we can lead our future towards this passion. Someone who does not want to be driven will be tempted to destroy those around him. Indeed, passion makes it possible to grow. If we do not grow, we regress.

The assumptions made will be checked one day. Our spirit will be enthusiastic as soon as there is access to. These hypotheses will then emit in us a superior hypothesis, checking the others, leaving the frame of daily reflection. This superior hypothesis is our life’s culmination. An intuition we grown into us was expressed. It will be verified with that is called, according to Plato, the hypothesis of the higher hypothesis. This verification is one of the axioms of the human, which may or may not be contradicted, whether or not it tells about human’s limit. To create or verify a higher hypothesis may need to be interested about every limits of the human being, theorized and defined.

Get out from subjectivity

We got a big fault. It is very difficult for us to understand our ego. Only a rational mind and psychologist can do it. Indeed the emotion leads to a flight forward, when the one whom does not want to grow unwittingly wants to forget or repress his problems of lack of information. Indeed emotion can bring an unconscious, more and more destructive, because it does not allow you to control yourself, knowing where you are going.

Rationality does not happen right away. Writing, architecture, the history of nations or science, communication with its opposite make it possible to become rational through its own truth’s research, requiring to find satisfying answers to the questions asked by the mind.

However, even a rational person can be emotionally driven, which can lead to fight. That’s why it’s important to understand your senses through music and poetry. Music without music theory or a choir can also highlight its creativity, to adapt to others, achieving a common goal: Beauty. Beauty is a truth’s eternity that grows us to make us enthusiastic. With the classical culture of Mozart, Bach, Schubert, beauty’s research makes you thinking to act.

Poetry helps us to understand our senses. If we write ourselves a poetry, in a writing workshop, we end up directly with a vision of our senses, whose we find often watered down at the beginning. Becoming attached to that allows us to grow makes us wanting to understand ourselves, to break the emotivity’s gate making fearful. At the end, growing will be a leitmotif. If we seek the truth, while writing a poetry allowing us to understand ourselves, we can find better than an understanding ourselves, rather a finished and optimistic reflection.

Listening and telling

Many listen, because many whom listen believe that the world is imperfect. They think that the world brings them bad virtue. Those who communicate know how to gauge the people they have in front of them. They accept the world as it is because they believe they are mastering it.

Whoever is listening must seek to communicate, just as the opposite can be said. Indeed, someone who is accustomed to listen intuitively wants to do it. If he forces himself to communicate with his opposite, he will grow much more quickly, because he will fill his gaps more quickly. Self-satisfaction does not make it possible to grow.

The one whom communicates must seek the truth of those whom he listens to. Being interested only for the human, without understanding the system which surrounds it, does not make it possible to know how one goes. It also takes a long-term future.

Also, searching for its origins, linking that with architecture, or someone opposed to oneself, makes it possible to find cousins’ writings ​​having a life similar to himself. Looking for origins can find self-explanatory writings. This research helps to build a society, to solve problems related to its origins, to improve or sublimate the enthusiasm and history of his family.

Communication and its danger

Only some of our finds can only succeed by going to others. Intuition, which carries the majority to listen, can not suffice to find its truth. It is therefore necessary to find a partner who communicates, to create at home an intuition to communicate.

The few communicators have a very big flaw. Although they believe deeply in free will, governing liberty or liberalism, they consciously rely on authority to lead their lives. Many do not distinguish between liberty and liberalism, which can strongly contradict each other. Indeed liberalism can bring a lack of freedom, because it is a doctrine and an ideology hiding a society, going towards the destruction of the weakest, by an unlimited freedom. Justice says that the freedom of some ends where others begin. We have to remind ourselves that.


Whoever communicates will have to work more on the sources. The listener will have to work more with his communication and his self-determination. We should all have the scientific mind, in order to get out of subjective causality. So we are looking for scientific causes and hypotheses, to find solutions. They ask or not a verification, an uncertainty therefore. The best politicians, like Jaurès, or composers like Bach or Mozart, in addition to deeply believing at the human’s creative reason, were scientifically researching upon the human’s limits.


My Notes

Find a partner whom to get along, whom thinks differently.

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