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Monday 17 September 2018, by Matthieu Giroux

Confucius was a Chinese of antiquity. On 2013, he is still loved by the old Chinese generation. Confucius explains that honesty and evolution, through understanding others and our weaknesses, allows society to grow better.

According to Henry Charles Carey, an American economist, our individualism depends on our life in society. Is our education not creating our personality? The more activities we have, for us and for others, the stronger our individualism is, also coming from our education. The individual’s wealth, therefore, is the dialogue into society, allowing to choose fulfilling and productive activities. If these activities are empowering, it helps to flourish better. This living’s standard is allowed by the industries. Industries allow more activities, more enriching.

Indeed an activity that is useful to us encourages us to grow. At first it’s scary. But then our mind will intuitively creates a truth’s research a little further. Our intuition then rises us, towards new benchmarks, closer to our truth’s research, because we know, if we do better, that we will be more useful.
We are made to learn, to act. Only the school does not allow us, in 2013, to know how to grow. To understand this we have to understand how an empire works, what finance is. In the empire, conservatism is required. It is a question of keeping his property in order to take it from others, this in order to extend the empire. If its direction and system are not replaced, the empire implodes, as did the USSR and Rome.
We remember best examples. Confucianism puts this forward. The oligarchy, promoted by immoral finance, is against this Confucianism, which promotes social ascent, through honesty and understanding of opposites.

The opposite’s understanding allows the population to really enrich themselves by knowledge, in order to progress. Our economy grows only by our facility to use knowledge, in order to grow. Important knowledge, correctly understood and necessary, is a great wealth. Indeed, a wealth, which we do not know how to use, is no longer one. An important knowledge explained, with its history and its foundations, is expanded by the population.

According to Confucius, the one who is listening must seek to communicate, just as the opposite can be said. Indeed, someone who is accustomed to listening intuitively wants to do it. If he wants himself to communicate with his opposite, he will grow much more quickly, because he will fill his flaw more quickly.
The one who has had a well-supervised cooperative work, where everyone grows the other, can understand what is the social’s purpose, which is really the cooperation between people.

Only cooperation between people must be used for something. It must be productive. We can even hope for the eternity of its cooperative creation, so social creation. We will have created something that should become eternal, so to defend in our life.

Principles of Social Science, Henry Charles Carey, in the public domain

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