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Here are new answers to grow your creativity. After writing, it is about singing, conceiving around or playing accessible music, in order to flourish. When we create, we understand each other by our truth’s research. This book allows you to be interested about creativity, giving you the way to become or stay creative. You can then become more ingenious than an engineer, as interested and philosophical as an artist, as Plato conceived it.

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Creativity is Policy
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Article published on 2 September 2018

Everything that we say, draw or write, is used to guiding the one who will try to understand us. Otherwise it is useless to create. Making politics is not about being temperamental, as we understand it in 2014. It’s about creating projects, for others or for ourselves.

Politics is the art to aim right. Creating projects asks to check if they correspond to science, which allows to understand the nature and the universe. Science makes it easier to guide others after their projects have been criticized.

It is therefore necessary, to set up projects, to check if they are possible, by the policy. The policy is to convince and be convinced by others, thanks to its optimism and ability to grow. Politics is the moment when we discuss a project to realize it. It is therefore necessary, before embarking on a political project, to understand one or more human’s limits. With this project, which may have little chance of success, his desire to create can be galvanized and we become more persuasive. Indeed creativity allows to realize a project and to learn.

But there is nothing better than the creativity to learn. However, politics helps foster creativity, if we are a scientist. Knowing how to surpass sophists or speakers requires awaking our creative unconscious. The desire to grow can then become a need, if our conscience awakens this desire.

We must start creating small projects. After brainstorming about society, we create a solution to the human’s limits. You have to prepare to build, to put yourself in a situation. We must then see our approach’s flaws. In the workshop, some may again question our judgment. Understanding this judgment will require to transcribe in its own way to understand each other. Indeed our society is governed by codes defining our speaking’s way. We will not necessarily have the exact answers. But we can find them philosophizing, allowing to guide us towards a beginning of answer, or choices to carry out. At first, we will not necessarily know if the choice we made was the most judicious. But this choice must then make it possible to find an answer to this questioning.

Indeed, what is the point of guiding without having projects leading to a specific end? Yet this is done regularly by many. Few know where they lead others, because they theorize with ideologies. The people do not wait for an ideological response. He wants to grow with projects, in order to live better and better. We theorize with science, whether it displeases current leaders or not. Many leaders do not believe that economics is a science. Physical economy is a political science and not an ideology, as some leaders believe.

Plato and the Greeks defined a political orientation with their words. Thanks to this vocabulary turned towards our own philosophy, Plato has created a method to brainstorm scientifically, through hypotheses to verify. This scientific method, related to philosophy, is grown searching for beauty. Beauty is the eternity of our civilization. Astronomers use beauty, according to Kepler, for their projects, because humans have an incredible predisposition to understand our civilization’s beauty, its eternity, to understand its origin creating a future. With dialogue we galvanize our thought.

During the Middle Ages we created the approximation. This was repaired at the Renaissance. We rediscovered the Plato’s scientific reflection. A project created without the help of science is likely to be short.

The utopia of the left parties is to realize every dreams. The utopia on the right side is to keep the best of one’s dreams growing. It is therefore undeniable that the left-right division is entirely artificial. Indeed, the two utopias are complementary and contradict each other only frustrating individuals.

Making politics is used to seeking on the limits of the human, creating according to nature, universe, thus science. This makes us ingenious whether we are a worker, an artist, an employee, an self-made man, or a researcher. Searching for truth, we are potential researchers. We want our society, so ourselves and others, to improve. This is the best way to convince others. To convince is by no means about manipulation, in a social system. To convince others is for others to remember and to grow. This is politics.

It is difficult at present to have a scientific reflection with another citizen. The dialogues could then be shortened defining terms we use, going back to that has been said, discussing the alternatives. Every citizen should think with assumptions, after defining his vocabulary. This allows to build, so to create. Assumptions are to be verified, or others become experiments.

When we stroll, we set, or we remember long-term goals, to create medium-term objectives. The daily will create short-term goals. We anticipate them through science, its philosophy and its search for truth. Thus, instead of looking for a culprit when an error is found, a solution is developed by the future. The solution is then provided to others.

Many textbooks want us to believe that creativity follows a methodology. This is not really the case. We create when we face to an unexpected situation. Our mind then wants to solve this problem. One example is a bird who finally wants to use a tool looking for the only food he sees in front of him. To create is to face the unexpected. It is to sublimate one’s mind to turn a fault into an asset. It’s when you learn that you create the most. One transforms one’s mind. To create is to grow our limits.


My Notes

Try to convince with projects that you want to create. Take stock after each project.

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